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                                     Am./Can. Ch. Kylene Cindahope Town Cryer 

                      Ch. Ozark Crest City Slicker ROM, ROMC

                                     Ch. Ozark Crest Abracadabra ROM

          Am./Can. Ch. Laureate Explorer

                                    BIS/BPIS Am./Can. Ch. Laureate Laredo ROMC

                       Laureate Dream West ROMC

                                     Am./Can. Ch. Laureate Search Party

Ch. Sugar Hill Looking For Love "Allison"

                                       Ch. Dundee Amos Moses ROM, ROMC

                        Ch. Sugar Hill's Heart Breaker ROMC

                                      Ch. Louimar Bi Request CD, HC

            Sugar Hill Love In Return, ROM

                                       Ch. Dundee Amos Moses ROM, ROMC

                        Ch. Hobbit Shadowmere Chantilly

                                      Hobbit Murphy Brown