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Ch. Sugar Hill Eldorado "Brett"                                               

Brett is in a nice retirement home.


BISS Ch. Sugar Hill Shadowmere Venture "MacGyver"               


MacGyver is living in a great retirement home with his

litter brother.  He is still intact, just in case we find the

perfect girl for him. Last we heard there wasn't a blade

of grass in the back yard that MacGyver hadn't claimed!




Ch. Sugar Hill PS I Love You "Frankie"                                         



 Ch. Sugar Hill Looking For Love "Allison"                                


Allison is living at home and always will.



 Ch. Sugar Hill American Beauty "Rose"                                           


Rose is living at home and always will.


Sugar Hill Some Like It Hot  "Pepper"                         


Pepper is living at home and always will. 



 Ch. Sugar Hill Painted Lady "Dazzle"                        


 She retired to a lovely home, able to boss a male sheltie to her heart's content.