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Sugar Hill's Bi Design (Cody)

Am./Can. Ch. Macdega Deniro X Ch. Louimar Bi Request, CD, HC "Dolly"

Cody is 15 1/4 inches tall, eyes and thyroid are normal, OFA good, vWD is normal, is non-white factored, and is of course, bi-factored.

Cody never enjoyed the conformation ring, so he doesn't have any titles.  When we went to the Canadian Nationals a few years ago, many Canadian breeders fell in love with him, so he has quite a few kids around, including many in this web site.  Cody is 10 years old.  Cody has now sired his first American Champion,   Ch. Sugar Hill Eldorado "Brett".

July 16, 1990 - October 5, 2004

Cody's Pedigree