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                                             Am./Can. Ch. Apple Acres Odyssey Armani, ROM, ROMC

                          Am./Can. Ch. Apple Acres Expedition, ROM, ROMC

                                             Ch. Trevanne Dominique, ROM

             Am./Can. Ch. Grandgables Carmylie Deja Blue "Diego"

                                             Ch. Prinhill Jazzbo, ROM

                          Carmylie Bi Mystique, ROMC

                                             Carmylie Carrie O'Kassank

Ch. Sugar Hill The Beat Goes On "Ringo"                                    

                      Am./Jap. Ch. Mystix Quote Unquote, ROM, ROMC

                          Am./Can. Ch. Blue Moon Silverado

                                             Blue Moon Cajun Angel

            Sugar Hill Some Like It Hot "Pepper"

                                            Am./Can. Ch. Aberdale's Sugar Hill Like A Rock

                        Sugar Hill Love On The Rocks "Pebbles"

                                            Sugar Hill Love in Return, ROM "Stella"